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Menu With Price October 2020 – Little Caesars Menu Price Near Me

Check Little Caesars Latest Menu Prices For October 2020


Little caesars in competition with  Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s, the restaurant serves food that is comparatively least expensive out of the major pizza chains. The pizzas are no doubt very delicious and you can end up choosing with comparing other national chain pizza restaurants.

The highest price you can pay for their food is $15, whereas the lowest is $3. Get all the information and details regarding Little caesars menu price, little caesars pizza size inches, little caesars hours, little caesars hot and ready, little caesars coupons, little caesars store menu.

 In addition to pizzas, the restaurant also offers chicken wings in various flavors and spices as well as cheese bread. Signature favorites on the menu are 3 Meat Treat Pizza, Hula Hawaiian, Veggie, and Ultimate Supreme Pizza.

Little Caesars specials include the $9 box set for the Hot-N-Ready pizza offer that runs from 4 pm – 8 pm. Other bargains include the $8 large Pepperoni pizza and the $5.55 Hot-N-Ready classic offer.


Little Caesars Custom Pizza Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
1 Topping Pizza Large $6.50
Extra Topping -- $1.75
Stuffed Crust Large $9.49

Little Caesars Specialty Pizzas Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
3 Meat Treat Large $8.00
Hula Hawaiian Large $8.00
Ultimate Supreme Large $9.99
Veggie Large $8.99

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pizzas Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Large $12.00
Cheese Pizza Large $6.00
DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Large $8.00
Pepperoni Pizza Large $6.00
Pizza Slice $1.59
Sausage Pizza Large $6.00

Little Caesars Signature Favorites Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
Caesar Dip® 1 Pc. $0.59
Caesar Dips® 2 Pc. $1.00
Caesar Wings -- $6.00
Crazy Combo , Bread & Sauce 8 Pc. $3.99
Italian Cheese Bread 10 Pc. $4.59
Pepperoni Cheese Bread 10 Pc. $4.89
Zesty Cheese Bread 10 Pc. $4.89

Little Caesars Sides Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
Cinnamon Bread -- $2.99
Crazy Bread -- $2.29
Stuffed Crazy Bread 4 Pc. $3.00
Stuffed Crazy Bread 8 Pc. $5.00

Little Caesars Snacks Menu Price October 2020

Food Name Size Price
Jumbo Soft Pretzel -- $1.99
Mrs. Goodcookie -- $0.89
Nachos with Cheese -- $2.69

The details of the price list is a general overview of the menu that is available at the restaurant. So if you ask for Italian food at a Mexican restaurant might get wrong. So its good have a look at the menu and price list before ordering the food and is it available or not at the restaurant can be known. Thank u for visiting, you may share this with your friends and families too, even you may suggest to others about the specialties of the restaurant.

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